NIWA aims to provide the knowledge needed for the sound environmental management of our marine resources.

  • Mussel farms may benefit the environment

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    A new study is doing a deep dive into whether mussel farms could help reduce nitrogen in New Zealand waters.
  • Identification of significant ecological areas for the Otago coastal marine area

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    Long-term protection of Otago’s coastal habitats took a step closer to reality after more than 100 marine Significant Ecological Areas (SEA) were identified as part of a research project led by NIWA.
  • New maps reveal places at risk from sea-level rise

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    New maps from NIWA and the Deep South National Science Challenge show areas across Aotearoa New Zealand that could be inundated by extreme coastal flooding.
  • NIWA discovers over two dozen new marine species in Wellington inlet

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    Researchers have discovered 26 species of roundworms that are completely new to science.
  • Online atlas provides understanding of marine life and habitats

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    Researchers have developed New Zealand’s most comprehensive online atlas, providing an overview of nearly 600 marine species.
  • Mangrove on Athenree Estuary

    Preparing coastal communities for change

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    Our coastline is changing as sea levels rise. Lawrence Gullery looks at a five-year research programme designed to help communities with tough decisions ahead.
  • Colonial ascidians (grapes), crinoids (feather stars) and primnoid corals (orange) make up part of the Ross Sea ecosystem

    Biological traits

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    Based on the characteristics of individual organisms, Biological traits analysis is also a powerful way to measure ecosystem health and vulnerability to human activities.
  • Research aims to quantify New Zealand’s Blue Carbon capacity of kelp seaweeds

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    A research project co-led by Blue Carbon Services and NIWA will aim to provide New Zealand’s first national estimate of natural kelp-carbon sequestration in the marine environment.
  • NZTD - The New Zealand Trait Database for marine benthic invertebrates

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    Traits are defined as the components of organisms that can be measured and have an effect on ecosystem functioning. Examples of traits include the behaviour, life history, morphology, and physiology characteristics
  • New technology gives sea safety hopes

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    Beachgoers could be safer thanks to a new technology with the potential to give real-time updates of rip currents.
  • Reducing the impact on Hawke’s Bay’s marine environment

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    A study investigating the level of change needed to improve the state of Hawke’s Bay’s marine environment highlights the magnitude and frequency of interventions required for the seafloor ecosystem to recover.
  • eDNA research and services

    NIWA is active in a broad range of eDNA topics and can provide expert advice on applications and expected outcomes. We welcome inquiries into our services and can assist with experimental design.