Environmental information

Monitoring, managing, and delivering environmental information from the sky to the sea.

  • Online services

    NIWA provides online access to major climate and environmental monitoring systems, databases and forecasting tools.
  • Download Bathymetry Data

    Software Tool/Resource
    This dataset provides the most up-to-date bathymetry of one of the largest areas of deep-water seabed under national jurisdiction. The 250m resolution gridded bathymetric data set encompasses New Zealand's Exclusive Economic Zone and is available in multiple high-resolution file formats to suit a range of imagery and mapping needs.
  • Instruments

    Find out more about NIWA Instruments Systems
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    NIWA Monitoring Stations

    NIWA National Environmental Monitoring Network in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Clouds -

    UV and Ozone

    This is the home for NIWA's UV and ozone research, including maps and graphs showing daily predictions and measurements for UV levels across New Zealand.
  • Pacific Rim


    Cam-Era is a network of computer-controlled cameras that monitor the New Zealand environment for research and resource management. These are also useful for surfers and swimmers.
  • eDNA research and services

    NIWA is active in a broad range of eDNA topics and can provide expert advice on applications and expected outcomes. We welcome inquiries into our services and can assist with experimental design.
  • Protecting people

    Feature story
    Mia Blyth talks to an environmental hazard specialist who feels a very personal connection to his work.
  • Easy access to environmental research data

    Media release
    Identifying unknown organisms, forecasting the weather and understanding the potential impacts of a tsunami. These are all possibilities opened up by a new website that has been built to provide easy access to an enormous range of environmental research data.
  • Pacific Sunrise

    Climate Data for the Environment Services Client (CliDEsc)

    Research Project
    CliDEsc is a web-based content management system and product generator library developed by NIWA in consultation with National Meteorological and Hydrological Services in the Pacific region, and with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.
  • Field technicians greeted by thigh-deep snow

    News article
    Christchurch-based environmental monitoring technicians Alec Dempster and Pieter Havelaar got way off the beaten track this week, heading to a snow-covered Mt Potts for weather station servicing in clear blue skies and some of the deepest snow they’ve ever worked in.
  • Investing in our data

    Feature story
    NIWA Chief Executive John Morgan looks at the growing role data technology plays in environmental research.