World class research contributing to our understanding of greenhouse gases, ozone depletion, and urban air pollution.


World-class research improving our understanding of greenhouse gases, ozone depletion and urban air pollution.

Locked down, but breathing freely

Some of the most striking images of lockdown around the world have been the blue skies of cities ordinarily choking in smog. From New Delhi to Los Angeles, Beijing to Paris, the changes were so remarkable they were visible from space.

Lauder atmospheric research station

NIWA's Atmospheric Research Station at Lauder in Central Otago specialises in measuring CFCs, ozone, UV levels and greenhouse gases and has a wide range of world-class instruments and research scientists.

Baring Head Clean Air Monitoring Station

The Baring Head station, which overlooks Cook Strait, has been operating since 1972 and the data collected there makes significant contributions to our global understanding of greenhouse gases.