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Obtaining climate data from NIWA

NIWA maintains the national climate database for New Zealand, and can supply data in a variety of ways.

The National Climate Database is an archive of climate observations which in some places extend as far back as the 1860s. 

Frequent New Zealand users of detailed station data should register for climate data access.

For travellers and tourists

There are also links from here to free summaries of monthly conditions at 30 New Zealand climate stations.

For schools

This gives links to information about regional climate, monthly climate summaries, and worksheets for classroom exercises.

Other data:

Email, telephone or fax your request to the National Climate Centre, contact details below:


Blocked culvert causes flooding after heavy rain. Ohariu Valley, Wellington, 2012. [Dave Allen]
The locations for which NIWA archives current climate data. There are many more sites from which data is available for periods in the past.