Education and training

NIWA is committed to education in New Zealand at all levels.

NIWA is committed to education in New Zealand at all levels.

In the tertiary sector, we work through the Institute of Aquatic and Atmospheric Sciences (IAAS) and the joint Centres of Excellence that have been formally established with some universities. We also contribute widely to professional development training courses for environmental agencies in New Zealand and the South Pacific. For secondary and primary schools, we’re involved in international and national programmes.

Education and training resources

  • Nava Fedaeff presenting to Te One school.

    Educational Resources

    Education Resource
    Providing educational resources to school students and teachers is part of NIWA's commitment to helping young New Zealanders discover more about science and technology.
  • 2019/2020 Blake Ambassadors


    Each year we offer several student internships at NIWA. As an intern, you will participate in a defined research project under the guidance of a senior scientist and gain valuable work experience.
  • Wellington science fair

    Science and Technology Fairs

    NIWA is a major sponsor of the Auckland, Manukau City, North Harbour, Waikato, Wellington, Canterbury and Bay of Plenty – Science & Technology Fairs.
  • Te Kūwaha Graduate Programme

    NIWA's Te Kūwaha Graduate Internship Programme has been established to help address the growing need for scientific skills combined with capability in mātauranga Māori, while supporting and creating visible pathways for the next generation of Māori researchers.
  • Te Kūwaha team

    Te Piko o te Māhuri

    Te Piko o te Māhuri is a development initiative that provides pathways and opportunities for young Māori researchers across NIWA’s climate, freshwater and oceans platforms
  • Squid Christmas 2023

    Tertiary institutions we work with

    Opportunities for students
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowships

    Post-Doctoral Fellowship positions at NIWA.
  • Deidre Cleland


    Scholarships available to both Masters and undergraduate students in the fields of fisheries science and marine biology.
  • Electric fishing

    Training courses

    NIWA offers a range of courses each year, presented at a number of venues according to need and the level of interest.