Trace gas datasets

NIWA makes the following trace gas data freely available on our ftp site, on condition that it is correctly credited (see use of data below).  Many of these datasets are also available from the World Data Centre for Greenhouse Gases,

Access Tropac data on FTP

  • methane
  • carbon monoxide
  • carbon dioxide
  • Non-methane hydrocarbons (C2H2, C2H4, C2H6, C3H6, C3H8, C6H6, C6H7, iC4H10, nC4H10, iC5H12, nC5H12 )
  • nitrous oxide
  • surface ozone

Measured at the following locations:

     Arrival Heights, Scott Base, Antarctica (arh)

     Baring Head clean air station (bhd)

     Lauder atmospheric research station (lau)

     Sampling across the Pacific Ocean on Blue Star Line ships (BSL) between New Zealand and the United States, and Fuji TransWorld (FTW) ships between New Zealand and Japan. (pac)

     University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji (suv)

All data files are ASCII text files organised as columns of data with one or more spaces as column separators. Follow this link for details of naming conventions and data formats. 

Details of naming conventions and data formats

Use of data

All use of the data described here is subject to the condition that the appropriate NIWA scientists and publications are cited as the source of the data. The correct forms of citation are given in files named “readme.txt” or “readme.doc” in the subdirectories closest to the corresponding data files.

NIWA’s trace gas data is made available for use in scientific research only. Users should in all cases be aware of the relevant scientific literature before interpreting the data, and are encouraged to contact the relevant NIWA scientists to clarify details of a technical or contextual nature. 

Release of data does not imply that it is final and NIWA reserves the right to correct, revise or withdraw data at any stage.

General inquiries regarding publicly available trace gas data should be directed to:


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Atmospheric Scientist