Future Coasts Aotearoa

Transforming coastal lowland systems threatened by sea-level rise into prosperous communities

Aotearoa New Zealand’s coastal lowlands are our flat low-lying land (or plains) adjacent to coasts and estuaries. Our coastal lowlands are valued for many reasons, including unique ecological wetlands, cultural sites of significance, valued recreational areas, highly-productive agriculture and are popular places to live. 

Unstoppable sea-level rise (SLR) will force changes to coastal lowlands and our use of these environments.  

Future Coasts Aotearoa is a five-year (2021-2026) collaborative research programme led NIWA that aims to transform coastal lowland systems threatened by relative sea-level-rise into prosperous communities.
Future Coasts Aotearoa


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    Research Project
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    Research aim 2: Consequences

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    Research aim 3: Adaptation

    Research Project
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