Freshwater quality

NIWA provides measurement, knowledge and tools to the managers of New Zealand's stream, river, lake and groundwater quality.

  • Restoration of aquatic ecosystems

    Research Project
    This project aims to increase our knowledge of aquatic ecosystems and their restoration, and apply this to degraded streams, rivers, lakes and estuaries.
  • High Frequency Water Quality Monitoring Guidance

    Research Project
    A NIWA-led project to support anyone wishing to deploy a water quality sensor in rivers, lakes and estuaries.
  • Storm water drain

    Urban Runoff Quality Information System (URQIS)

    NIWA's Urban Runoff Quality Information System (URQIS) provides planners, engineers and researchers with information about the quality of stormwater from different locations and landuses and under different flow conditions.
  • Putting algae to work

    Feature story
    Can native freshwater algae help restore the mauri of local waterways? Lawrence Gullery investigates.
  • Taonga Species Series: Tuangi

    Feature story
    What does science tell us about New Zealand cockles?
  • Satellites reveal NZ’s coastal health

    Media release
    For the first time, satellites have been used to track coastal water health around Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Demand grows for NIWA’s Riparian Management Training

    Media release
    NIWA has updated and restarted a course using a riparian planning tool developed by one of its former chief scientists more than 20 years ago.
  • Bottom lining for the control of submerged lake weeds

    Bottom lining is the installation of a flexible covering over the top of beds of aquatic weeds, similar to using weed matting in home gardens. The lining is held in place by weights (e.g., rocks or sandbags) or by pinning. This control method is also called ‘benthic barriers’.
  • New weapon in fight against invasive aquatic weeds

    Media release
    A combination of artificial intelligence and scientific ingenuity looks set to be the next step forward in protecting Aotearoa New Zealand’s lakes and rivers from invasive aquatic weeds.
  • NIWA in the field: Sampling the Waimakariri

    Feature story
    Environmental monitoring technician Patrick Butler has spent hours travelling between the upper and lower reaches of Canterbury’s Waimakariri and Hurunui Rivers. His mission – river water quality sampling.
  • The future shape of water

    Feature story
    How much is too much? Susan Pepperell looks at some of the tough decisions looming around access to freshwater and how science is helping with solutions.
  • Eutrophication Explorer

    A web application tool to explore monitoring data and model predictions related to stream and estuary eutrophication