Invasive species

NIWA experts work with partners on the design and implementation of  pest surveillance, including early detection and delimiting surveys for unwanted marine and freshwater organisms.

  • Marine biosecurity

    Introduced pests and diseases can harm the health of Aotearoa New Zealand's marine ecosystems, our seafood industry, and the social and cultural benefits that we derive from the sea.
  • Freshwater biosecurity

    Reducing the risk of new freshwater invasive species, minimising the impacts of these species, and developing methods for reducing or eradicating those populations.
  • Technology provides views of life in remote habitats

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    Aotearoa-New Zealand’s marine area covers 167,650 square kilometres presenting a staggering distribution of climates, from subtropical to subantarctic waters, to understand and manage.
  • Seaweed research and services

    NIWA has world-class expertise in marine macroalgae and extensive research on various aspects of seaweed ecology, growth and taxonomy.
  • Marine invader Caulerpa triggers biosecurity response

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    NIWA is part of a multi-agency biosecurity response to an invasive seaweed discovered at Aotea Great Barrier Island and subsequently at Ahuahu Great Mercury Island.
  • New weapon in fight against invasive aquatic weeds

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    A combination of artificial intelligence and scientific ingenuity looks set to be the next step forward in protecting Aotearoa New Zealand’s lakes and rivers from invasive aquatic weeds.
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    What ails our estuaries - problems and solutions

    Estuaries are at the bottom of the freshwater drainage network and, effectively, are a part of it. This means that every time we act to protect and enhance streams and rivers we are also benefiting the estuary at the downstream end.
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    Submerged plants as bio-indicators

    Submerged plants have a number of advantages that favour their use as indicators of lake ecological condition.
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    Freshwater pest species

    This is a user guide on non-native fish, reptile, invertebrate, algal and plant species that are recorded in New Zealand freshwaters.