New Zealand has more than 70 river systems. NIWA capability supports the measurement, knowlege and tools need to manage, protect and restore these vital waterways and their ecosystems.

  • Restoration of aquatic ecosystems

    Research Project
    This project aims to increase our knowledge of aquatic ecosystems and their restoration, and apply this to degraded streams, rivers, lakes and estuaries.
  • On the search for invaders

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    Deep beneath Waitomo’s rolling hills lies a maze of caves and underground rivers. Here, NIWA researchers braved the dark waters to measure the current and hunt for fishy invaders under the twinkle of the cave’s magical glowworms.
  • Dramatic changes in New Zealand river flows, research finds

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    River flows in New Zealand have changed dramatically over the past 50 to 90 years as the climate has varied, a new study has found.
  • Half of NZ’s rivers blocked for migratory fish

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    Nearly half of New Zealand’s river network is partially or fully inaccessible to migratory fish, a new study shows.
  • Riparian Buffer Design Guide

    This guide discusses design principles and provides high-level information about the likely performance of riparian buffers.
  • Ki uta ki tai: NIWA’s role in mountains-to-sea estuarine management

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    Estuaries are coastal waterbodies where freshwater mixes with seawater. Many estuaries in Aotearoa New Zealand have been impacted by pollutants and contaminants entering via freshwater.
  • Removing barriers to ensure freshwater fish can complete their life cycle

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    New Zealand has just over 50 native freshwater fish species. Of these, 85 % are endemic and 75 % are deemed to be at risk of decline or are threatened.
  • Public asked to help build national flood photo database

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    NIWA is asking people in flood-affected areas to contribute photos to a national database to support understanding of flood hazard and flood risk.
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    Report: Trends analysis for selected indicators of Waikato River health and wellbeing 2010-2019

    Report: Trends analysis for selected indicators of Waikato River health and wellbeing 2010-2019
  • The largest flood flow ever measured

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    Flood flows on the Buller River this month were the largest of any river in Aotearoa New Zealand in almost 100 years, NIWA measurements show.
  • New weapon in fight against invasive aquatic weeds

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    A combination of artificial intelligence and scientific ingenuity looks set to be the next step forward in protecting Aotearoa New Zealand’s lakes and rivers from invasive aquatic weeds.
  • Trustpower's Waipori power scheme