NIWA puts out a variety of electronic and print publications about our research and services.

NIWA’s flagship publication showcases our latest research and examines resource management issues across all sectors.

Read a monthly summary of New Zealand's climate. Each issue includes information on the past month’s climate and soil moisture, an outlook for the next quarter, and background information on a specific aspect of New Zealand’s climate.

View annual, seasonal and monthly summaries of temperature, rainfall and sunshine data from across New Zealand.
The NIWA Biodiversity Memoir series comprises comprehensive, definitive, illustrated reference works that capture the rigorous, peer-reviewed scientific study of New Zealand’s distinctive marine fauna and flora.

A monthly summary of the climate in the tropical South Pacific islands, with an outlook for the coming months.

A regular newsletter that includes a seasonal review and outlook for New Zealand's water resources, and an update on some of NIWA's freshwater research.
On this page you will find useful information and resources on New Zealand's marine flora and invertebrate fauna.
A regional climatology is a summary of the typical weather and climate of a region, based on historical data observations made at climate stations located within the region.