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There are lots of different things we can do to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to our changing climate.

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Surveying scallops populations with artificial intelligence

Together with the University of Canterbury and Fisheries NZ, NIWA has been working to develop a catch-free, non-invasive method of surveying scallop populations. Find out how...

Protecting our taonga together

Alex Fear looks at the Cultural Keystones Species research programme, a research partnership that grew out of the vision of a Ngāti Hau kaumatua.

Putting the weather on ice

Sam Fraser-Baxter catches up with a Fiji-born weather technician with a newfound love for the cold

The fine art of forecasting

Susan Pepperell looks at how high-resolution forecasting is driving sharper decision making – from deep in the back country to the finish line of the America’s Cup.