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There are lots of different things we can do to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to our changing climate.

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Surveying scallops populations with artificial intelligence

Together with the University of Canterbury and Fisheries NZ, NIWA has been working to develop a catch-free, non-invasive method of surveying scallop populations. Find out how...

Supercharging the view from above

From the rocky shores of Wellington’s South Coast to the icy waters of Antarctica, NIWA scientists are combining drone technology with advanced computer skills to map, measure and analyse the natural environment as never before. Campbell Gardiner explains.

Searching southern skies

For a small group of unassuming buildings nestled amongst the wide-open spaces of the Maniototo, the Lauder Atmospheric Research Station punches well above its weight.

Know your snow

With the winter snowpack starting to build, who’s keeping an eye out on conditions in the mountains?