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Keeping tabs on muddy waters

Estuaries provide a crucial link between our rivers and our seas. Sam Fraser-Baxter heads out with a NIWA research team keeping a close eye on these vulnerable transition zones.

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Ross Sea life in a changing climate

A multidisciplinary group of researchers onboard RV Tangaroa have spent 5 weeks studying Antarctic ocean, atmosphere and ecosystem processes with a focus on monitoring the effectiveness of the Ross Sea Marine Protected Area.

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Examining biodiversity and ocean dynamics in the world’s largest marine protected area

Researchers are working their way through a wealth of new Antarctic marine data after RV Tangaroa successfully completed its five week scientific voyage to the Ross Sea. Voyage leader and principal fisheries scientist Dr Richard O’Driscoll outlines the team’s busy research schedule examining biodiversity and ocean dynamics in the world’s largest marine protected area.

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A job for the buoys

New Zealanders and Pacific Island communities are on their way to having the most advanced tsunami monitoring system in the world.

The future shape of water

How much is too much? Susan Pepperell looks at some of the tough decisions looming around access to freshwater and how science is helping with solutions.

Queen of the critters

Sadie Mills has come a long way from scaring the inhabitants of Scottish rock pools. Sarah Fraser explains.