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Ross Sea life in a changing climate

A multidisciplinary group of researchers onboard RV Tangaroa are spending six weeks studying Antarctic ocean, atmosphere and ecosystem processes with a focus on monitoring the effectiveness of the Ross Sea Marine Protected Area.

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Science for a resilient future

Government scientists commemorated their 2020 award winners at the annual Science New Zealand awards celebration at Parliament recently. This video, produced by the NIWA Communications Team with material from all the CRIs, demonstrates our science working for all New Zealanders.

Scientist spots shark sperm storage strategy

A NIWA researcher has found the first evidence that female deep sea sharks store sperm as a strategy to preserve the species and possibly avoid aggressive mating encounters.

Scientists unite across world for decade of ocean research

In 1872 the HMS Challenger left Portsmouth in the UK on a four-year circumnavigation of the globe to explore the deepsea.

Scientists on the trail of elusive sperm whales

When scientists head south to Antarctica on board NIWA research vessel Tangaroa next month, they’ll be keeping a close eye out for an animal that is particularly good at staying out of sight.