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What happened in the South Pacific's Big Bang?

NIWA scientists and The Nippon Foundation have been on a mission to discover the undersea impacts of the Hunga Tonga - Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruption.

Follow the Tonga underwater survey voyage on board the RV Tangaroa


Open wide: snapper teeth secrets

NIWA and University of Auckland masters student Georgia Third is getting up close and personal with snapper guts and teeth to understand the differences between biologically distinct snapper populations in New Zealand.

A Hard Rain’s A’Gonna Fall

Climate change means more intense storm systems are on their way. Science can’t stop it raining, but it can help communities prepare for the worst and plan for the future.

What’s in a fish’s ear?

The tiny ear bone of a fish holds a wealth of information. Gather enough and you get a snapshot of what’s happening beneath the waves. Stuart Mackay explains.

Chasing deepsea shadows

Mia Blyth catches up with a marine biologist hunting for ocean ghosts.