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Rangi - weather and climate lessons for teachers

Developed for teachers, these lessons offer intermediate age students an engaging and interactive way to learn about Aotearoa’s wild and mild weather and climate patterns.

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Kaikōura Canyon

NIWA scientists recently headed to the Kaikōura coast for an in-depth look at deep sea changes post the 2016 earthquake. High-res data from an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) on loan from the University of Gothenburg has revealed the Kaikōura Canyon like never before.

Tracking our ocean wanderers

Albatrosses may be masters of the skies, but they are surprisingly vulnerable on the water. Campbell Gardiner talks to two scientists working to keep these magnificent seabirds airborne.

Getting the taste for kingfish

This award-winning kingfish sashimi dish is creating quite a splash – but it doesn’t come from the sea. We look at NIWA’s latest aquaculture success story and the new opportunities it’s on path to deliver.

Building pathways

It has been a whirlwind first six months for Ngāpera Keegan and Tekiteora Rolleston-Gabel, the first two young researchers in NIWA’s newly established Māori Graduate Internship Programme.