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Ross Sea life in a changing climate

A multidisciplinary group of researchers onboard RV Tangaroa have spent 5 weeks studying Antarctic ocean, atmosphere and ecosystem processes with a focus on monitoring the effectiveness of the Ross Sea Marine Protected Area.

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Lauder Atmospheric Research Station

For six decades atmospheric scientists have been making measurements in the middle of nowhere, Central Otago. Now, this global scientific powerhouse with its stunning scenery and laser lights is at the dawn of a whole new era. Read more:

There’s snow business in the mountains

On a still and sunny December day when most Kiwis were looking longingly towards the beach, two NIWA researchers staff had their eyes firmly on the Southern Alps.

Keeping tabs on muddy waters

Estuaries provide a crucial link between our rivers and our seas. Sam Fraser-Baxter heads out with a NIWA research team keeping a close eye on these vulnerable transition zones.

From sky to server

A few drops of rain can go a long way. Campbell Gardiner explains.