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Navigating the "ice bridge"

Marissa Judkins is second mate on RV Tangaroa. Watch her navigating through the "ice bridge" in Antarctica's Ross Sea for the first time.

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Ross Sea life in a changing climate

A multidisciplinary group of researchers onboard RV Tangaroa are spending six weeks studying Antarctic ocean, atmosphere and ecosystem processes with a focus on monitoring the effectiveness of the Ross Sea Marine Protected Area.

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Science for a resilient future

Government scientists commemorated their 2020 award winners at the annual Science New Zealand awards celebration at Parliament recently. This video, produced by the NIWA Communications Team with material from all the CRIs, demonstrates our science working for all New Zealanders.

There’s snow business in the mountains

On a still and sunny December day when most Kiwis were looking longingly towards the beach, two NIWA researchers staff had their eyes firmly on the Southern Alps.

How does a fish climb a ramp? Very, very cleverly…

New Zealand’s native fish are doing their best to climb up ramps in a NIWA laboratory so scientists can learn how to better help them navigate our tricky waterways.

NIWA drones going where people can’t on the West Coast

A team of scientists have been exploring some of New Zealand’s most remote and rugged coastal zones.