World class research contributing to our understanding of greenhouse gases, ozone depletion, and urban air pollution.

  • Science - CarbonWatchNZ

    CarbonWatchNZ will address crucial carbon cycle questions in the three landscapes that are most important to New Zealand’s carbon balance: forest, grassland and urban environments.
  • The science of art or the art of science…

    Feature story
    If you think science and art have nothing in common, think again. At environmental science institute NIWA, it’s all about one inspiring the other.
  • Burning wood - not as cosy as it seems

    Feature story
    As temperatures drop over winter months, many Kiwis turn to their fireplaces to heat their homes. However, most of us are not fully aware of the immense impact that wood burning can have on people and the environment.
  • What's in your air, Alex?

    NIWA is helping young people get involved in air quality research. With funding from Unlocking Curious Minds children from Alexandra Primary School are becoming junior scientists and learning about air quality in their town.
  • Scientists bring in schoolchildren to help with air quality research

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    Pupils at a Central Otago primary school are helping NIWA air quality scientists learn more about pollution in their town in a four-month project that will track where smoke comes from and where it goes over winter.
  • Light shines on UV radiation research

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    Sun worshippers may feel the burn next week as scientists and health professionals from around the world meet in Wellington to discuss the latest research on the effects of UV radiation.
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    Mass Spectrometry techniques and measurements

    A wide range of mass spectrometry techniques and measurements are available for air, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, water, carbonates, organics, and other specific isotopes.
  • Blog: Plankton blooms and clouds - what's the link? - 11 March

    11 March 2018 Today we found NIWA’s Andrew Marriner hard at work in the Ocean-Atmosphere Container Lab and asked him to explain his work onboard.
  • Blog: atmospheric research - 5 March

    5 March 2018Sean Hartery, a PhD student from Canterbury University based at NIWA, is collecting samples and data for two main areas of atmospheric research while he is out here in the Ross Sea: ice nuclei and aerosols.
  • Blog: atmospheric gas measurements - 21 February

    21 February 2018John McGregor from NIWA checks on the instruments that measure atmospheric gases throughout our voyage.
  • Wellington students to swap books for nature

    Media release
    A group of talented Wellington students will be packing their books away this summer and heading into the environment after each winning a Blake Ambassador Award.