Marine invertebrates

NIWA has taxonomic expertise across a range of marine invertebrate phyla and produces research and resources to aid in the identification and conservation of these important groups.

  • Bounty trough-comp-image

    Ocean Census – Bounty Trough research voyage

    A team of scientists are spending 21 days investigating the unexplored Bounty Trough
  • Sadie Mills in the NIC

    NIWA Invertebrate Collection

    Software Tool/Resource
    The NIWA Invertebrate Collection (NIC) holds specimens from almost all invertebrate phyla. This is a result of about half a century of marine taxonomic and biodiversity research in the New Zealand region, the South West Pacific and the Ross Sea, Antarctica.
  • New ocean species discovered in Bounty Trough

    Media release
    Scientists on an expedition to the underexplored Bounty Trough off New Zealand have discovered around 100 new and potentially new ocean species.
  • Bounty Trough - voyage update #3

    The third and final update from Voyage leader, Sadie Mills on the 21-day Ocean Census – Bounty Trough research voyage.
  • Expedition to uncover secrets of New Zealand's unexplored Bounty Trough

    Media release
    An expedition to discover new species in one of the most remote parts of the deep ocean is departing from Wellington today. 
  • Sun, sand, and stingers

    Feature story
    Long hot days, sand between your toes, and jellyfish – all part of the New Zealand beach summer.
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    NIWA Biodiversity Memoir 136 - The Marine Biota of Aotearoa New Zealand

    Aotearoa New Zealand’s marine biodiversity checklist has been updated, representing an increase of 3,630 known living species since the turn of the century.
  • New creature catalogue compiled to aid conservation

    Media release
    A new database describing marine species has been released to assist conservation.
  • Kaikōura’s deep seabed is rapidly recovering, says NIWA

    Media release
    Areas of Kaikōura’s seabed show promising signs of recovery just four years after the 2016 earthquake, says NIWA.
  • Mussel farms may benefit the environment

    Media release
    A new study is doing a deep dive into whether mussel farms could help reduce nitrogen in New Zealand waters.
  • Identification of significant ecological areas for the Otago coastal marine area

    News article
    Long-term protection of Otago’s coastal habitats took a step closer to reality after more than 100 marine Significant Ecological Areas (SEA) were identified as part of a research project led by NIWA.
  • NIWA discovers over two dozen new marine species in Wellington inlet

    Media release
    Researchers have discovered 26 species of roundworms that are completely new to science.