NIWA aims to provide the knowledge needed for the sound environmental management of our marine resources.

  • Making big waves in the Pacific

    Feature story
    Prior to 15 January, Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai was a little-known undersea South Pacific volcano with a long name. Within 24 hours, it  was a global phenomenon – the site of the largest atmospheric explosion in almost 150 years. Jessica Rowley looks at why a remote Tongan volcano took the world by storm.
  • Preparing coastal communities for change

    Feature story
    Our coastline is changing as sea levels rise. Lawrence Gullery looks at a five-year research programme designed to help communities with tough decisions ahead.
  • Tonga eruption confirmed as largest ever recorded

    Media release
    A New Zealand-led team has completed the fullest investigation to date into January’s eruption of the underwater Tongan volcano.
  • Beloved Barnacles

    An interactive guide to the barnacles of New Zealand.
  • Climate change experts tour New Zealand’s coastal wetlands

    Media release
    A group of international scientists are visiting some of New Zealand’s most significant coastal wetlands as part of a five-year research project to help the country adapt and prepare for sea-level rise.
  • Taonga Species Series: Tuangi

    Feature story
    What does science tell us about New Zealand cockles?
  • Technology provides views of life in remote habitats

    Media release
    Aotearoa-New Zealand’s marine area covers 167,650 square kilometres presenting a staggering distribution of climates, from subtropical to subantarctic waters, to understand and manage.
  • Understanding the threat of sea level rise to NZ’s wetlands

    Media release
    Specialised monitoring equipment has been installed in Bay of Plenty estuaries to understand whether our coastal wetlands can survive the threat of inevitable sea-level rise.
  • Seaweed research and services

    NIWA has world-class expertise in marine macroalgae and extensive research on various aspects of seaweed ecology, growth and taxonomy.
  • Marine invader Caulerpa triggers biosecurity response

    Media release
    NIWA is part of a multi-agency biosecurity response to an invasive seaweed discovered at Aotea Great Barrier Island and subsequently at Ahuahu Great Mercury Island.
  • Satellites reveal NZ’s coastal health

    Media release
    For the first time, satellites have been used to track coastal water health around Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Identifying rip currents using artificial intelligence

    Research Project
    NIWA and Surf Life Saving New Zealand are working together to develop a state-of-the-art, rip current identification tool underpinned by artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies.