NIWA has expertise in mangrove ecosystems and conducts research on sedimentation, blue carbon, sea-level rise and mangrove management and restoration.

  • Pacific atoll mangrove forests losing ground to sea-level rise

    Research Project
    Observations of a Pacific atoll mangrove forest by a NIWA-led research team suggests mangrove systems on oceanic atolls may lose the race to keep pace with sea-level rise.
  • Preparing coastal communities for change

    Feature story
    Our coastline is changing as sea levels rise. Lawrence Gullery looks at a five-year research programme designed to help communities with tough decisions ahead.
  • Mangroves: to clear or not to clear?

    Media release
    NIWA scientists have written a guide for managing mangroves, prompted by a desire for people to learn more about mangrove ecosystems, and what happens when they are removed.