Wetlands are important for filtering nutrients, controlling floods, and as wildlife habitats. NIWA has the knowledge and tools support their construction and ongoing management.

  • Freshwater Ecological monitoring

    We offer a range of ecological monitoring tools.
  • Climate change experts tour New Zealand’s coastal wetlands

    Media release
    A group of international scientists are visiting some of New Zealand’s most significant coastal wetlands as part of a five-year research project to help the country adapt and prepare for sea-level rise.
  • Understanding the threat of sea level rise to NZ’s wetlands

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    Specialised monitoring equipment has been installed in Bay of Plenty estuaries to understand whether our coastal wetlands can survive the threat of inevitable sea-level rise.
  • Constructed wetland guidelines

    Constructed wetlands are a water quality restoration tool that can reduce levels of sediment, nutrients and microbes such as E. coli.
  • Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA)

    To prepare for changes in climate, our freshwater and oceans decision-makers need information on species vulnerability to climate change.
  • Wetlands

    Wetland species and wetland management in New Zealand.
  • Ten years of willow control at Whangamarino Wetland 1999 - 2008

    NIWA review of the ten year Whangamarino willow control programme and evaluation of willow distribution and other wetland vegetation types.
  • Ngā repo o Maniapoto - Maniapoto wetland inventory

    Research Project
    Through the Te Wai Māori fund Ngā Repo o Maniapoto is a collaborative project between NIWA and the Maniapoto Māori Trust Board (MMTB) Whanake Taiao team that looks to develop an inventory of repo and puna (springs) for the Maniapoto rohe.