Freshwater Ecological monitoring

We offer a range of ecological monitoring tools.

  • LakeSPI: Keeping tabs on lake health

    Software Tool/Resource
    Few New Zealand lakes retain their indigenous vegetation, and the condition of many lakes is under threat from land-use changes and the invasion of alien aquatic plants.
  • Stream periphyton monitoring manual

    This manual prescribes a set of sampling and analysis protocols applicable to most of the common stream habitats in New Zealand.
  • Estuary monitoring by communities

    These guidelines outline a recommended minimum set of methods for a community group interested in following habitat changes in an estuary.
  • NZ estuaries

    Over the past decade, NIWA has published many popular articles that deal with estuaries - this overview is intended to bring together and make whole sense of the information published to date in the various popular articles.
  • Wetlands

    Wetland species and wetland management in New Zealand.
  • Tau kōura sample collection and processing protocol

    Tau kōura is a traditional Māori fishing method commonly used to harvest kōura or freshwater crayfish in areas where they are abundant.