We provide public information on river, lake, and groundwater conditions across New Zealand including freshwater quantity and quality.

  • Image of mayflies [from NIWA Benthic Macroinvertebrates Field Identification Guide]

    Freshwater invertebrate identification and e-guides

    Education Resource
    Downloadable and printable guides on identification of common freshwater invertebrates found in New Zealand waterways and lakes.
  • Auckland suffers wettest month in history

    Media release
    January was Auckland's wettest month since records began, according to meteorologists. The Central Auckland Rainfall series recorded a total of 539 mm of rain at Albert Park, smashing the previous monthly record of 420 mm from February 1869.
  • Half of NZ’s rivers blocked for migratory fish

    Media release
    Nearly half of New Zealand’s river network is partially or fully inaccessible to migratory fish, a new study shows.
  • Reducing the impact on Hawke’s Bay’s marine environment

    News article
    A study investigating the level of change needed to improve the state of Hawke’s Bay’s marine environment highlights the magnitude and frequency of interventions required for the seafloor ecosystem to recover.
  • eDNA research and services

    NIWA is active in a broad range of eDNA topics and can provide expert advice on applications and expected outcomes. We welcome inquiries into our services and can assist with experimental design.
  • Putting algae to work

    Feature story
    Can native freshwater algae help restore the mauri of local waterways? Lawrence Gullery investigates.
  • Climate change experts tour New Zealand’s coastal wetlands

    Media release
    A group of international scientists are visiting some of New Zealand’s most significant coastal wetlands as part of a five-year research project to help the country adapt and prepare for sea-level rise.
  • Taonga Species Series: Tuangi

    Feature story
    What does science tell us about New Zealand cockles?
  • Technology provides views of life in remote habitats

    Media release
    Aotearoa-New Zealand’s marine area covers 167,650 square kilometres presenting a staggering distribution of climates, from subtropical to subantarctic waters, to understand and manage.
  • Understanding the threat of sea level rise to NZ’s wetlands

    Media release
    Specialised monitoring equipment has been installed in Bay of Plenty estuaries to understand whether our coastal wetlands can survive the threat of inevitable sea-level rise.
  • Riparian Buffer Design Guide

    This guide discusses design principles and provides high-level information about the likely performance of riparian buffers.
  • Impact of new energy efficient streetlights on insects revealed

    Media release
    New energy efficient streetlights are playing a major role in influencing insect behaviour, says NIWA.