We provide public information on river, lake, and groundwater conditions across New Zealand including freshwater quantity and quality.

  • Athenree Estuary mangrove forest

    Future Coasts Aotearoa

    Transforming coastal lowland systems threatened by sea-level rise into prosperous communities
  • A 3D Printer is helping save New Zealand’s endangered native fish

    Media release
    A 3D Printer is helping save New Zealand’s endangered native fish
  • High Frequency Water Quality Monitoring Guidance

    Research Project
    A NIWA-led project to support anyone wishing to deploy a water quality sensor in rivers, lakes and estuaries.
  • Storm water drain

    Urban Runoff Quality Information System (URQIS)

    NIWA's Urban Runoff Quality Information System (URQIS) provides planners, engineers and researchers with information about the quality of stormwater from different locations and landuses and under different flow conditions.
  • Zombie fish

    NZ Freshwater Fish Database

    Software Tool/Resource
    The New Zealand Freshwater Fish Database (NZFFD) contains over 50,000 freshwater fish observations from across New Zealand from 1901 to the present.
  • Wellington study could improve worldwide access to coastal freshwater

    Media release
    A new NIWA study in Wellington Harbour will help scientists find untapped drinking water around the world.
  • NIWA’s freshwater ecologists helping regional councils remove the barriers to fish migration

    News article
    About 76 per cent of indigenous freshwater fish species, that’s 39 out of 54, are threatened with extinction or at risk of becoming threatened.
  • On the search for invaders

    Media release
    Deep beneath Waitomo’s rolling hills lies a maze of caves and underground rivers. Here, NIWA researchers braved the dark waters to measure the current and hunt for fishy invaders under the twinkle of the cave’s magical glowworms.
  • Dramatic changes in New Zealand river flows, research finds

    Media release
    River flows in New Zealand have changed dramatically over the past 50 to 90 years as the climate has varied, a new study has found.
  • Huka Falls

    Half of NZ’s rivers blocked for migratory fish

    Media release
    Nearly half of New Zealand’s river network is partially or fully inaccessible to migratory fish, a new study shows.
  • New Zealand streamflow depletion model: A tool for sustainable water resource management

    Intensifying competition for water is increasing pressure on finite water resources (surface and groundwater), which manifests itself as depleted stream flows. As the concerns over water resources and the environment increase, the importance of combined water management, which acknowledges the integrated nature of groundwater and surface water, and manages them as a single resource, is critical to sustain both human society and aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.
  • Image of mayflies [from NIWA Benthic Macroinvertebrates Field Identification Guide]

    Freshwater invertebrate identification and e-guides

    Education Resource
    Downloadable and printable guides on identification of common freshwater invertebrates found in New Zealand waterways and lakes.