We provide public information on river, lake, and groundwater conditions across New Zealand including freshwater quantity and quality.

  • Trustpower's Waipori power scheme

  • NIWA calculates 1:200 year flood for parts of Canterbury

    Media release
    Preliminary analysis by NIWA climate scientists has shown that the recent Canterbury rainfall was so extreme in some inland places that it could be expected to happen only once every 200 years.
  • Field teams and forecasters cover monumental rainfall event

    Feature story
    The prodigious rainmaker that hit Canterbury earlier this month saw NIWA field teams out in the elements collecting flood data from bridges, cableways and jetboat gaugings.
  • eFlows Explorer

    Research Project
    The eFlows Explorer webtool is designed to aid broad-scale river flow management planning across New Zealand
  • NIWA seeks help from skiers and snow bunnies

    Media release
    A NIWA scientist is asking for the help of skiers, mountaineers and alpine professionals to collect snow for a new research project.
  • NIWA in the field: Sampling the Waimakariri

    Feature story
    Environmental monitoring technician Patrick Butler has spent hours travelling between the upper and lower reaches of Canterbury’s Waimakariri and Hurunui Rivers. His mission – river water quality sampling.
  • Keeping tabs on muddy waters

    Feature story
    Estuaries provide a crucial link between our rivers and our seas. Sam Fraser-Baxter heads out with a NIWA research team keeping a close eye on these vulnerable transition zones.
  • The future shape of water

    Feature story
    How much is too much? Susan Pepperell looks at some of the tough decisions looming around access to freshwater and how science is helping with solutions.
  • Diquat use for submerged weeds

    Diquat is a herbicide (chemical) that has been used in New Zealand for many decades for submerged (underwater) weed control and also on agricultural crops. It is registered for freshwater use in New Zealand.
  • How does a fish climb a ramp? Very, very cleverly…

    Feature story
    New Zealand’s native fish are doing their best to climb up ramps in a NIWA laboratory so scientists can learn how to better help them navigate our tricky waterways.
  • Eutrophication Explorer

    A web application tool to explore monitoring data and model predictions related to stream and estuary eutrophication
  • How to farm fish on land

    Dr Alvin Setiawan talks about recirculating aquaculture systems.