Freshwater Update 90 shares stories on hydrological science, freshwater insects, freshwater monitoring and fish migration barriers.

In this issue

  • Hydrological science underpins Forest Flows research

    NIWA is part of an international team of researchers contributing to the MBIE-funded Forest Flows programme. Forest Flows is a five-year research programme, led by Scion, looking at how we can create and maintain climate-resilient landscapes to provide beneficial outcomes for all New Zealanders.
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    New Zealand streamflow depletion model: A tool for sustainable water resource management

    Intense competition for water is putting pressure on the life-giving resource, elevating demand for expert research to improve water management systems.
  • Investigating ecological impacts LED streetlight conversions on freshwater insects 

    Most New Zealand cities and towns have switched over to modern Light-Emitting Diode (LED) street lighting, which provides improved illumination at lower operational cost.
  • Barriers to freshwater fish migration

    Nearly half of New Zealand's river network is partially or fully inaccessible to migratory fish, a new study shows.
  • Staff profile: Rasool Porhemmat

    Rasool Porhemmat is a hydrologist at NIWA based in Christchurch.
  • Making community-based freshwater monitoring data count

    Electronic field form templates have been developed to support community-based monitoring (CBM) groups to capture stream health observations and measurements in an efficient and standardised way.
  • Staff profile: Kane Clare

    Kane Clare is a freshwater ecologist technician based in Hamilton.