Freshwater Update 79 brings you the latest information from our Freshwater & Estuaries Centre, with articles ranging from NIWA working with NASA; restoring a stream catchment in Kaikōura; looking after urban water; keeping soil and reducing sedimentation; to culling catfish.

In this issue

  • NASA and New Zealand researchers partner for environmental project

    New Zealand and NASA have partnered for their first international space mission, aiming to help protect the world's vulnerable ecosystems.
  • Community project inspires scientists

    A project to restore a stream catchment in Kaikōura—damaged in the 2016 earthquake—is being described as inspirational by NIWA scientists.
  • Looking after water in our towns and cities

    The Urban Water Principles report released this month is a first step in tackling some big issues in a collaborative way.
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    Reducing sedimentation

    According to Dr Andrew Swales, an estuarine physical processes scientist who leads NIWA’s Catchments to Estuaries programme, New Zealand is particularly susceptible to erosion due to the country’s steep lands.
  • Lake Rotoiti catfish cull

    A NIWA research programme—Control of Invasive Fish—is working with Bay of Plenty Regional Council this year to create novel tools to support the catfish control programme.
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    Sediment processes team celebrate Marsden success

    Two emerging NIWA scientists in the sediment processes team were awarded Marsden Fund Fast-Start research grants in the 2018 funding round.