Freshwater Update 84 brings you the latest information from our Freshwater & Estuaries Centre.

In this issue

  • Secrets brought to light

    Buried treasure isn’t always gold or silver. NIWA scientists Brandon Goeller and John-Mark Woolley are trialling a range of cutting-edge technologies to uncover hidden contaminant flow paths under agricultural land.
  • Updated freshwater pests guide out now

    NIWA has updated its guide to freshwater pests for the first time since 2013.
  • Staff profile: Dr Simon Woodward

    In this edition we welcome Dr Simon Woodward to the team and find out how he came to work at NIWA.
  • New freshwater species programme

    A new programme at NIWA will focus on finding ways to protect our freshwater species now and in the future.
  • Near real-time water quality tests here

    It’s been three years in the testing and NIWA scientists now have an analytical instrument that can provide near real-time water quality test results. In addition to other benefits, this means a far quicker answer to the question “is it safe to swim?”.
  • Scientists nurturing only plant of its kind

    For more than 20 years NIWA scientists have been nurturing three plants that are the only examples of their kind in existence.