Freshwater Update 72, Feb 2017

Freshwater Update 72 brings you the latest information from our Freshwater & Estuaries Centre, including introducing our new scientists, a tool on Environmental Flows, articles about nutrients, metals and periphyton in streams and an upcoming international conference.

In this issue

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    Introducing new science staff to the Freshwater and Estuaries Centre

    A number of new staff have joined the Freshwater and Estuaries Centre over the last nine or so months, either on a permanent or fixed-term basis. Here we introduce new permanent and post-doctoral staff based at our Hamilton and Christchurch offices.
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    Environmental Flows Tools

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    Why do nitrogen and phosphorus behave differently in the Tukituki River?

    In shallow, East Coast, streams algae and bacteria growing on the cobble bed (collectively called ‘periphyton’) often reach ‘nuisance’ levels during summer low flows.
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    Derivation of new ANZECC water quality guidelines for copper and zinc

    The ANZECC water quality guidelines are used extensively throughout New Zealand in managing water quality and potential effects of discharges.
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    New freshwater and estuaries centre information

    Links to the latest Freshwater and Estuaries information that went live since last Update.