Welcome to Freshwater Update 61

The latest research and information from our Freshwater and Estuaries centre:

  • New Zealand waterways are under attack from alien weeds. Take a look at the people and technology patrolling the watery frontline against invasion, in our latest issue of Water & Atmosphere magazine
  • In a continued effort to reduce nutrient runoff into the country's waterways, NIWA scientists are excited about a range of techniques they are developing for farmers. Read more in this article
  • NIWA scientists have equipped a central Hamilton stream with a hi-tech electronic monitoring system in order to track the habits of New Zealand's largest whitebait species. Read more in this article
  • Read about NIWA's research to address the water and wastewater needs of marae and rural communities in our first issue of Aue te Piro
  • NIWA is proud to be sponsoring the 21st Century Watershed Technology conference and workshop. The theme 'Improving Water Quality and the Environment' will look at emerging problems and new solutions to managing watersheds to meet water quality and quantity standards. The conference will bring together engineers, managers, researchers, producers, politicians, and other professionals in agricultural and environmental industries to exchange information, discuss opportunities, and address challenges of water quality programs. For more information, see the conference website 21st Century Watershed Technology

In this issue

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    Water Quality maps and information, January - March 2014

    River water temperatures and visual clarity of rivers.
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    Riverflows, January - March 2014

    River flows JFM, 2014