Freshwater Update 65, May 2015

Freshwater Update 65 brings you the latest information from our Freshwater & Estuaries centre, including water quality maps and information, as well as river flows.

Also, this month we released a new Freshwater Fish Calendar. Read the media release 

In this issue

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    Water quality maps and information, Summer 2015

    River water temperatures (OND)
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    Riverflows, January - March 2015

    River flows were below normal in March and for the three months January to March over most of New Zealand.
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    Weeds and the Rotorua Lakes

    Submerged weed species are currently one of the major management challenges in the Rotorua Lakes.
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    Busting myths on water weeds

    Troublesome aquatic weeds have been an issue for the Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes for decades, but what do we really know about what drives water weed problems?
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    Spraying as a solution

    When invasive aquatic weeds establish in a lake, they usually result in detrimental effects on native biodiversity, amenity and utility values.
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    The purpose of weed harvesting

    Harvesting is one potential option to control nuisance growths of weed in lakes.
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    Biosecurity Management Overview

    The majority of current aquatic weeds were introduced to New Zealand via the aquarium and ornamental pond trade and these have been subsequently spread via deliberate spread and other human-mediated activities.
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    Watching for Invasive Species

    Invasive species continue to be one of the greatest threats to the Rotorua lakes and include not only water weeds, but other organisms too.