Welcome to Freshwater Update for May 2012.

This issue contains news about work from NIWA's Freshwater team, and Water Quality maps and information for the period January, February, March 2012.

As well as the articles below, the following have been added to our website:

Robot spies make new science discoveries in Fiordland's World Heritage Park

Flyathalon - NIWA gives aquatic insects an obstacle course

NIWA scientist studies the mixing of river and sea and asks: Where do river sediments go?

In this issue

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    Novel tool for weed control

    NIWA research on Mycoleptodiscus terrestris (Mt) shows the fungus could potentially be used as an environmentally safe "natural" herbicide. 
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    Clear as mud? Predicting water clarity and light penetration in estuaries

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    Water quality maps and information, January to March 2012

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    River flows - January to March 2012