Freshwater Update 77, June 2018

Freshwater Update 77 brings you the latest information from our Freshwater & Estuaries Centre, with articles that cross a broad spectrum of freshwater research from weed eradication and species traits, to clear springwater, wastewater, and irrigation.

Water storage solutions for irrigation schemes

Demand for water has intensified over the past two decades at a phenomenal rate in New Zealand. Most easy-to-abstract direct run-of-stream resources (i.e. flows without existing upstream modification) are already highly allocated in many regions. With availability of further run-of-stream resources decreasing, farmers are looking more to water storage as a way of achieving more reliable irrigation water supply. This approach allows more water to be made available at the time of need and thus enhances supply reliability.

Irrigation Insight

The Irrigation Insight programme is focussed on developing knowledge, tools and the confidence of dairy farmers in better managing irrigation, precisely applying the water needed—where, when and how much.