Gas bubbler system - DAA H-355

This smart self-contained air compressor bubbler system enables you to measure water level. Water pressure is coupled through a gas line that can be connected to a pressure-to-electronic-output transducer.

This self contained system eliminates the need for heavy, high-pressure gas bottles, oil sight feeds and flow regulators. It regulates the bubble rate over the full range of water levels, up to 35m. You can select the bubble rate from 30 to 120 bubbles per minute, depending on the follow rate you need for your monitoring application.

Connecting the H-355 to another instrument, a DAA H-350 pressure measurement system, enables you to couple the hydrostatic water pressure from the gas line to a pressure transducer, convert the pressure to water level data and log it. And you can add a cellular or satellite modem to configure a full telemetry system.