Large prop current meters - Ott, Seba

These large propeller type meters are supplied with one propeller for flows up to 6.0 m/s. They are rugged, easy to use and suitable for flood gauging.

These two large propeller current meters (Large Ott and Seba Universal) are useful for measuring up to very high flows and mainly useful for flood gauging. 

The Seba has the advantage of a stronger shaft and one piece bearings, but the reed switch is more vulnerable when the meter is disassembled.

These meters are shipped in a box with a hanger bar, oil and spare parts.

The meters are rated at NIWA's rating tank located just north of Christchurch at Kainga.

The meter connects easily to a counting device, such as the NIWA Current Meter Counter, with a simple cable.

We can advise on, supply, hire, service and calibrate small propeller type current meters and can supply accessories from our Christchurch store.