Water Level Encoder - DAA H-331

This water surface float-driven encoder converts water level into an electronic serial digital output that works with any SDI-12 data recorder.

This low-cost, low-supply-current, zero-backlash rotary position encoder senses the position of the water surface using a float and counterwight system.

As the water level changes, the float position changes. This change is coupled, via a float tape, to a pulley attached to the shaft of the encoder. The shaft rotates as the water surface and float move up and down and the position of the water surface is encoded as a number. 

You can adjust the offset so that the H-331 outputs a number that corresponds to the actual water level. You can see this on its LCD display. There are two ways to adjust the offset: either with a screwdriver or by configuring it via the SDI-12 link.

The H-331 has two digital outputs suitable for connection to a data logger; SDI-12 and quadrature.

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