ADCP Channelmaster - RDI

This Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) can accurately measure the velocity of rivers, streams, estuaries, channels, ports and harbours, across a channel up to 300 meters wide.

This two-beam ADCP is installed horizontally to obtain high-accuracy (0.2 cm/sec) velocity data, across a channel, using 1 to 128 cells over the range from 1m to the maximum range of the chosen instrument.

There are three frequency options to choose from. This enables you maximize the resolution of your measurements across a channel of a specific width. The maximum range (width) for each option is: 300m (300kHz), 90m (600kHz), 20m (1200kHz).

The ADCP is particularly good at measuring low flows and turbulence, something that conventional mechanical meters can't do.

In addition, the Channelmaster has an acoustic level sensor and pressure sensor to measure water level.