Multi-Parameter Logging Sensor - Greenspan CS304/CS4-1200

The Greenspan Analytical Conductivity/Temperature/Dissolved Oxygen/pH sensor provides numerous technical features.

  • Toroidal conductivity sensing technology that eliminates electrode corrosion effects, guaranteeing long life and reduced field service.
  • On board microprocessor controlled temperature compensation and linearisation delivering accurate conductivity data normalised to 25 deg. C. Alternatively, raw conductivity data may also be provided.
  • Innovative, optically isolated signal conditioning electronics ensure true and accurate pH readings at all times.
  • Field proven gel-filled double junction pH electrode provides long-term accuracy.
  • Patented diffusion rod sensor technology providing excellent linearity and repeatability.
  • Sensor design has no moving parts, ensuring long term reliable field operation and low power consumption.
  • A response time (T90) of 60 minutes is achievable by the sensor when deployed in minimum flow conditions of 1 metre per minute.
  • Software calibration allows users to quickly and accurately recalibrate the sensor.  Easy to use Greenspan calibration software runs on a portable PC.