The EFM300 Electric Fishing Machine provides researchers and environmental managers with a simple and efficient tool for monitoring fish populations in their waterways.

Developed in consultation with users, the EFM300 is a safe, robust, reliable, easy-to-use backpack machine for live fish capture. 


  • Complies with international safety standard IEC335-2
  • Light weight
  • Ergonomically designed packframe and electrode assembly
  • 600 volt output capability
  • Suitable for continuous use
  • High converter efficiency and therefore longer battery life
  • Operator-variable pulse width and frequency
  • East-to-read indicators
  • Multiple safety circuits

EFM300 Overview

The EFM300 consists of a battery-powered backpack generator unit and a fibreglass wand to which different fishing electrodes are easily fitted.

The backpack assembly consists of IPX5 rated battery and control enclosures mounted on a light-weight, comfortable, aluminium packframe.

The handheld wand comprises a fibreglass pole with a handgrip which incorporates the high voltage on/off switch and visual indication of output current. The wand is light-weight and balanced to minimise operator strain.

The EFM300 has been designed with the user in mind to ensure high battery efficiency and user safety.

Controls include output voltage, frequency, and pulse width. These ensure maximum flexibility over a wide range of water conditions and minimise the possibility of damage to fish.

The EFM300 includes four separate safety circuits to maximise user safety, and meets the requirements of IEC335-2 regulations.

Download manual

EFM300 Operators manual Ver. 2.2 [PDF 500KB]