Provides remote control and operation of float mounted ADCP/ADPs used for gauging rivers. Its smooth towing speed gives superior results to hand towing.

To achieve quality results with small tethered boats requires smooth movement of the boat at a constant speed. The traveller traverses a single tight tagline, at a selectable speed, enabling efficient setup and accurate results. An operator can direct the boat from the river bank using the remote control.


  • Variable speed control (0.5cm/s to 10cm/s)
  • Remote stop/start/direction control.
  • Lightweight (<0.2kg, very little tagline deflection so no transducer offset change during the traverse)
  • Simple deployment (a tight tagline is the only requirement)
  • Time saving (a continuous loop pulley system does not have to be setup)
  • Simple operation (leaves the operator hands free as there is no traversing cables to operate)
  • Optional tether points (traveller centre to traveller centre, or traveller sides to boat sides)
  • High intensity LEDs mounted on the top and sides provide instant operational feedback  

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