Small prop current meters - Ott, Oss, Seba

These small propeller type meters are supplied with two propellers, one for very low flows (up to 0.3 m/s) and another for higher flows (up to 2.0 m/s) .

These small propeller current meters (Small Ott, Oss PC1 and Seba Mini) are useful for measuring very low flows, as long as the water isn't too shallow. 

They have a propeller attached to a horizontal shaft and output one contact closure per revolution. The small Ott C1 has wiping type contacts and the C2 a magnetic reed switch.

These meters are quite delicate and are shipped in a metal box with two propellers, oil, a dismantling tool and a Gurley wading rod adapter.

The meters are rated at NIWA's rating tank located just north of Christchurch at Kainga. We rate the meters on a Gurley wading rod, unless specifically requested otherwise. Therefore gaugings should also be done on this type of rod.

The meter connects to a counting device, such as the NIWA Current Meter Counter, with a simple cable.

We can advise on, supply, hire, service and calibrate small propeller type current meters and can supply accessories from our Christchurch store.

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