Data Communications Instruments

We can supply, configure or install suitable communications instruments to collect your environmental data from near or far.

We typically collect data via one of the following:

Cellular Network - Wherever there is terrestrial cellular coverage we can connect a monitoring station to a base station, or server, through a cellular network. We have a number of GSM and GPRS terrestrial cellular communications options available. The ongoing costs depend on the data service provider but often involve a payment plan with a monthly charge. This option is cheaper than satellite. An additional fee is charged if a client chooses server-based data access.

Satellite - When there is no terrestrial cellular service available, an alternative is a satellite service, provided there is enough 'clear sky' available for line of sight communication with the satellites. We typically use Globalstar and Irridium satellite services and are currently considering the BGAN geostationary satellite service. We have a number of satellite communications options available.

Direct terrestrial radio links - When there's no terrestrial cellular network within range and satellite communication is too expensive then direct radio links may be a viable option. We can supply and install Radio Modem and Data Radio communications sytems.