SDI Diagnostic Tool - NIWA SDI Explorer

SDI Explorer is a diagnostic tool which turns your PC screen into a ‘window’ that allows you to observe the data traffic on an SDI-12 communications bus.

You can even take command yourself and directly interrogate any SDI-12 sensor within the system.

SDI-12 is an industry standard serial data interface used extensively between low-power environmental monitoring sensors and loggers. But unfortunately, computers don't come equipped with such an interface.

NIWA has developed this tiny USB to SDI-12 interface to fill the gap.

This SDI-USB interface provides a simple connection between an SDI-12 serial data bus and a computer with a spare USB port.

The application software that comes with it allows you to view SDI-12 serial data and enables you to send SDI-12 commands. In this way you can easily check your sensors, monitor and configure SDI-12 data connections.