Salinity Buoy - NIWA SB1

A self-contained telemetered inshore buoy capable of being equipped with a wide range of marine sensors.

The NIWA Salinity Buoy has been designed to provide a platform on which a wide range of marine sensors may be deployed.

Using a standard SDI12 interface a large range of sensors may be connected simultaneously to the logger and communications module.

The integrated cellular communications may be selected to use either the telecom or Vodafone networks for optimum coverage.



  • Large range of SDI-12 sensors available.
  • Built in cellular communications (GPRS or CDMA)
  • Field replaceable battery pack
  • Solar powered option available.
  • Very low power consumption allowing 6 months deployment with standard sensor suite and daily data retrieval.
  • On-board data storage in case of network outages.
  • Internal temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Pole mounted assembly that may be attached to a marine buoy or fixed pile.
  • Optional Squirtek sensor anti-fouling system.

Typical applications

  • Mussel farm salinity measurement.
  • Temperature & salinity profiler.
  • Multi- depth turbidity measurement