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Gas bubbler system - ES&S Pumppro 6150

A self-contained advanced hydrostatic water level sensor with integrated air compressor. Easy to install and no stilling wells, gas bottles or regulators are needed. Keeps the electronics out of the water.

It has an accuracy of better than 0.1% of full scale and comes in the ranges 0- 5m, 10m, 20m, 35m and 70m of water. The sensors are factory calibrated in PSI and the 6150 derives water level (in meters) from the hydrostatic pressure generated by the water above the submersed bubbler tube end.

Apart from the air intake filter gauze on the side of the Pumppro enclosure it needs little maintenance.  It carries out self-testing and automatically discharges any condensation before every measurement.

The Pumppro has two electrical outputs: one analog (either voltage or current) and one digital (either RS232 or SDI-12). A keypad and display allow you to set up the Pumppro, initiate manual purges and monitor the water level. 


Research subject: Instrumentation