Starflow - Unidata 6526

This ultrasonic Doppler instrument is a compact, easy to use system for measuring water flow in rivers, channels and pipes.

The 6536 is a cost effective way to measure water velocity, depth and derived flow in a wide range of water qualities ranging from sewerage and waste water to clean streams, potable water, and even sea water. The instrument measures forward and reverse flows and may be programmed to compute flow rate and total flow in pipes and open channels.

The 6526 is designed to be placed at (or near) the bottom of the water channel for upstream measurement. A single cable connects the instrument to a 12V DC power source.

Water velocity is measured by the ultrasonic Doppler principle which relies on suspended particles or small air bubbles in the water to reflect the ultrasonic detector signal. The instrument will not operate in very clean, degassed water. Water depth is gauged by a hydrostatic pressure sensor, referenced to atmospheric pressure through the vented power and signal cable.