Prologger - Unidata 7001B

This has 16 analog inputs with an accuracy of better than 0.1% of full scale. You can configure inputs as single ended or differential and select from four input signal ranges.

The Prologger is the most accurate datalogger in the Starlogger range. Its analogue inputs are processed with 16 bit resolution. Its sixteen inputs support the following ranges:

  • ±5.000V (155uV/bit resolution)
  • ±500mV (15.5uV/bit resolution)
  • ±50mV (1.55uV/bit resolution)
  • ±5mV (155nV/bit resolution)


The input voltages are converted to better than 0.05% of full scale over the full operating temperature range, and 0.1% in the 5mV range.

The Prologger has most of the 6004 features including an SDI-12 serial digital interface, counter channels, a front panel display for monitoring and configuration and an output for connection to a radio/cellular modem for telemetry applications.