Atmospheric analysis

NIWA has been using advanced scientific instruments to measure atmospheric trace gases and isotopes for over 50 years.

  • IMG_8372, native plants in muka.JPG

    Roto Turf: Aquatic plant ‘life rafts’ in degraded lakes

    Research Project
    A team of NIWA freshwater ecologists are researching the use of biodegradable plant mats to help reintroduce native aquatic plants to degraded freshwater lakes in Aotearoa-New Zealand.
  • Recirculating aquaculture tanks at the Northland Aquaculture Centre.

    Recirculating aquaculture systems

    Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) are a land-based production technology for aquatic organisms and high-value finfish
  • Bounty trough-comp-image

    Ocean Census – Bounty Trough research voyage

    A team of scientists spent 21 days investigating the unexplored Bounty Trough
  • Water & Atmosphere Dec 2023 cover

    Water & Atmosphere

    Publication series
    NIWA’s flagship publication showcases our latest research and examines resource management issues across all sectors.
  • Marine heatwaves

    Research Project
    Temperatures around Aotearoa New Zealand are increasing, and not just on land. Amid a changing climate, significant marine heatwaves have impacted Aotearoa over the past decade and are expected to become more frequent and intense.
  • storm

    High Intensity Rainfall Design System (HIRDS)

    HIRDS is a simple online tool that can estimate the magnitude and frequency of high intensity rainfall at any point in New Zealand.
  • RSNZ (2).jpg

    NIWA Invertebrate Collection

    Software Tool/Resource
    The NIWA Invertebrate Collection (NIC) holds specimens from almost all invertebrate phyla. This is a result of about half a century of marine taxonomic and biodiversity research in the New Zealand region, the South West Pacific and the Ross Sea, Antarctica.
  • Solar farm

    Nowcasting and short-to-medium range forecasting for solar and wind energy

    Research Project
    Scaling up of solar and wind power is essential for Aotearoa New Zealand to become carbon neutral by 2050
  • Weather station

    CliFlo - the National Climate Database

    Software Tool/Resource
    CliFlo is an interface that provides access to New Zealand's National Climate Database.
  • coastal ecosystem Gabrielle

    Responding to and preparing for extreme weather events

    Research Project
    NIWA-led research
  • Rainbow Mountain banner

    CarbonWatch NZ

    CarbonWatch NZ is an internationally-recognised research programme that will enable New Zealand to make the right decisions for a zero carbon future.
  • Tonga eruption and tsunami shock the world

    The Hunga-Tonga Hunga-Ha'apai (HT-HH) volcano was like a massive shotgun blast from the deep, generating the biggest atmospheric explosion recorded on Earth in more than 100 years.