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New Zealand rushes (Juncus): factsheets and key

We have made the fact sheets and identification key for New Zealand rushes (Juncus) available in a range of formats. 

Start your identification using the Juncus key (HTML)

Download the Juncus key as a single document [PDF 14 MB]

Download all Juncus species factsheets as one document [PDF 17.2 MB]


Download species-level factsheets

PDF icon juncus_acuminatus_factsheet.pdf452.04 KB
PDF icon juncus_acutiflorus_factsheet.pdf419.61 KB
PDF icon juncus_acutus_factsheet.pdf467.71 KB
PDF icon juncus_amabilis_factsheet.pdf273.54 KB
PDF icon juncus_antarcticus_factsheet.pdf491.59 KB
PDF icon juncus_anthelatus_factsheet.pdf304.33 KB
PDF icon juncus_articulatus_factsheet.pdf392.55 KB
PDF icon juncus_australis_factsheet.pdf363.46 KB
PDF icon juncus_brachycarpus_factsheet.pdf301.12 KB
PDF icon juncus_bufonius_factsheet.pdf405.84 KB
PDF icon juncus_bulbosus_factsheet.pdf399.32 KB
PDF icon juncus_caespiticius_factsheet.pdf435.62 KB
PDF icon juncus_canadensis_factsheet.pdf417.41 KB
PDF icon juncus_capitatus_factsheet.pdf406.27 KB
PDF icon juncus_conglomeratus_factsheet.pdf429.31 KB
PDF icon juncus_continuus_factsheet.pdf294.97 KB
PDF icon juncus_dichotomus_factsheet.pdf361.25 KB
PDF icon juncus_distegus_factsheet.pdf361.3 KB
PDF icon juncus_edgariae_factsheet.pdf450.63 KB
PDF icon juncus_effusus_factsheet.pdf438.7 KB
PDF icon juncus_ensifoilius_factsheet.pdf406.87 KB
PDF icon juncus_filicaulis_factsheet.pdf349.87 KB
PDF icon juncus_flavidus_factsheet.pdf441.08 KB
PDF icon juncus_fockei_factsheet.pdf436.99 KB
PDF icon juncus_gerardii_factsheet.pdf378.53 KB
PDF icon juncus_holoschoenus_factsheet.pdf296.47 KB
PDF icon juncus_homalocaulis_factsheet.pdf288.26 KB
PDF icon juncus_imbricatus_factsheet.pdf425.22 KB
PDF icon juncus_inflexus_factsheet.pdf415.89 KB
PDF icon juncus_kraussii_factsheet.pdf434.85 KB
PDF icon juncus_lomatophyllus_factsheet.pdf459.92 KB
PDF icon juncus_microcephalus_factsheet.pdf466 KB
PDF icon juncus_novae-zelandiae_factsheet.pdf411.06 KB
PDF icon juncus_ochrocoleus_factsheet.pdf337.16 KB
PDF icon juncus_pallidus_factsheet.pdf418.71 KB
PDF icon juncus_pauciflorus_factsheet.pdf260.74 KB
PDF icon juncus_planifolius_factsheet.pdf412.19 KB
PDF icon juncus_polyanthemus_factsheet.pdf426.46 KB
PDF icon juncus_prismatocarpus_factsheet.pdf435.66 KB
PDF icon juncus_procerus_factsheet.pdf495.75 KB
PDF icon juncus_pusillus_factsheet.pdf426.79 KB
PDF icon juncus_sarophorus_factsheet.pdf411.41 KB
PDF icon juncus_scheuchzerioides_factsheet.pdf433.1 KB
PDF icon juncus_sonderianus_factsheet.pdf395.94 KB
PDF icon juncus_squarrosus_factsheet.pdf441.85 KB
PDF icon juncus_subnodulosus_factsheet.pdf484.42 KB
PDF icon juncus_subsecundus_factsheet.pdf279.35 KB
PDF icon juncus_tenuis_factsheet.pdf425.65 KB
PDF icon juncus_usitatus_factsheet.pdf424.22 KB
PDF icon juncus_vaginatus_factsheet.pdf279.53 KB