NZFFD publications and catchment number directory

Access commonly cited references for the NZFFD and the Catchments of New Zealand publication.

How to cite the NZFFD

Citation of the NZFFD is usually with the original report on the creation of the database:

McDowall, R.M., Richardson, J. (1983) The New Zealand freshwater fish survey: a guide to input and output. New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Fisheries Research Division Information Leaflet, 12: 1-15.

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The following article regarding updates carried out on the NZFFD in the late 1980s is also sometimes cited:

Richardson, J. (1989) The all-new freshwater fish database. Freshwater Catch 41: 20-21.

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Catchments of New Zealand

The Catchments of New Zealand is a coded list of the main river and stream catchments of New Zealand that is useful for defining a search area when downloading NZFFD data.

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