In brief: A French connection

Betty Gubri's chance email to NIWA Marine Ecologist Dr Carolyn Lundquist saw the French student gain a highly sought-after work placement opportunity – and relocate to New Zealand for it.

With a passion for marine science and ecosystems like mangroves, coral reefs and salt marshes, the work placement with Dr Lundquist was a perfect partnership for Betty, who completed her five-month placement in August.

Betty's placement with NIWA was based at the University of Waikato and contributed to her study towards a diploma at the National Institute of Marine Sciences in France. During the work placement, she worked alongside Dr Lundquist on a seagrass and mangrove expansion project, and studied plant life in the Manukau Harbour and Whangamata.

Dr Lundquist describes Betty as highly efficient, which gave her the opportunity to work on various projects, such as deepsea invertebrate collections in Wellington and a seagrass genetics project with Dr Chrissen Gemmill at the University of Waikato.
"Betty was an absolute asset and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

"She was so hard-working and efficient that she was able to work on other NIWA projects and gain a broader experience during her time in New Zealand," says Dr Lundquist. 

Betty Gubri (right) with another PhD student Rebecca Gladstone-Gallagher (left) conduct fieldwork amongst the mangroves in Pahurehure Inlet, Manukau Harbour. [Carolyn Lundquist]