Dr Deborah Hofstra

Principal Scientist - Freshwater Ecology


B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD

Science Centre

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Deborah is a freshwater scientist with a background in plant biology, ecology and genetics.  Dr Hofstra specialises in freshwater biosecurity, leading research that focuses on the management of aquatic plants, including the control of invasive species and the restoration of native plants.  Her research has been instrumental in providing new control methods for invasive weeds through the use of biodegradable benthic barriers, aquatic herbicides and the assessment of biological control tools.  She provides advice to management agencies to support their biosecurity goals, including a strategic approach to invasive species management, and the design and implementation of weed eradication or control plans that support native biota.  Deborah has a special interest in the conservation of native flora and fauna which can be better protected through understanding the consequences of aquatic weed invasions and management actions.

Dr Hofstra served as a Director on the Board of the Aquatic Plant Management Society, and is on the Science Committee of the International Aquatic Plants Group.


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