NIWA research improves our understanding of the biology and ecology of deep-sea corals and the ecosystems they support in New Zealand waters and adjacent regions in the South Pacific.

  • Fabulous Fiordland showcased in new e-Guide

    Media release
    With cascading waterfalls and native bush tumbling down mountainous terrain, Fiordland is one of the most eye-catching parts of the country. But peer beneath the waves and you'll see that Fiordland's marine invertebrate and seaweed communities are every bit as remarkable and awe-inspiring.
  • Fabulous Fiordland

    An interactive guide to the marine biota of the Fiordland (Te Moana o Atawhenua) Marine Area.
  • Queen of the critters

    Feature story
    Sadie Mills has come a long way from scaring the inhabitants of Scottish rock pools. Sarah Fraser explains.
  • Chance find leads to first look at coral larvae

    Media release
    Small orange flecks spotted floating around in a respiration chamber at a NIWA laboratory have led to a discovery about the spawning habits of a deep-sea stony coral in New Zealand waters.
  • A cold day in the office

    Feature story
    Five specialist NIWA divers were left ‘gasping’ during their recent plunge under the ice near Scott Base.
  • NZ deep-sea corals

    Corals can live hundreds to thousands of years. What do we really know about them?
  • Voyage Update 5: sampling rattails and exploring vulnerable coral habitats in the MPA

    3 February 2019. By Voyage Leader Dr Richard O'Driscoll.
  • Identification guides

    Useful information and resources on New Zealand's marine flora and invertebrate fauna.
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    Coralline Algae

    This identification guide covers the common crustose coralline algae found in central New Zealand.
  • From shallows: moving from the familiar shores of Raoul Island to lesser known higher latitude Islands

    Over the last few days the “dive team” have been recording corals, fishes, urchins and other invertebrates from the shallow waters (0-30m) surrounding Raoul Island to complement the biodiversity records from the deeper ocean collected by the other scientists onboard.
  • New NIWA Biodiversity Memoir on the diverse primnoid corals of New Zealand

    News article
    Our latest 131 page NIWA Biodiversity Memoir is an initiative of the US/NZ Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) Marine and Ocean Theme.
  • Critter of the Week: The flowering seapen