We design instruments and systems of instruments. We have full mechanical and electronic CAD capability.

As we try not to 're-invent the wheel' we generally only carry out design work when what 's needed doesn't already exist, or isn't suitable for our application.

We usually pass on the task of designing larger volume electronics products to Unidata, our subsidiary in Australia. In this case we would normally create a Product Design Specification for Unidata as input for its product designers.

Most of Instrument Systems' design work is carried out to produce one-ofs or a very small volume of highly specialized products or systems.

We carry out a significant amount of CAD-based mechanical design. We can show a client a pseudo-3D on-screen image of what would become a completed product. This is a powerful way to 'get things right' at the concept stage.

Here are some examples of products we've partially or completely designed:

  • Current Meter Counter
  • POEM flood gauging meter
  • Electric Fishing Machine EFM300
  • DOBIE wave gauge
  • Ecologger
  • Hydrologger
  • Salinity Buoy
  • SDI Explorer
  • Smart Rain Intensity Gauge (SRIG)
  • Compact Weather Station (CWS) aka Tier 2
  • ADCP traveller
  • Battery Management System
  • SMARTi Intelligent Interface
  • Steel walkways for access to stilling wells
  • In-situ underwater flume
  • Underwater housings for deep deployment
  • Squirtek anti-biofouling device
  • Irrigation control systems
  • Climate monitoring stations
  • Hydrometric monitoring stations

And many other systems for specific projects.

To find out how we can design a system to meet your needs, contact us.